The online baccarat variations

Variantes baccarat Variantes baccarat

According to the different regions where it has been introduced and the traditions of the peoples who have been practicing this game, baccarat has become extremely popular in online casinos. However, it has sometimes needed to be adjusted, transformed or even totally modified. Baccarat is nowadays played in different places such as France, Great Britain and North America given that several variations have successfully attracted the crowds who literally swear by it.

European baccarat

Europe has contributed so well to the gambling industry! Therefore, this is not astonishing to find that one variety of American baccarat is called European baccarat, which seems slightly different from the second judging from its rules. In fact, at European baccarat, players can stand or draw on 5. Same way, the dealer has the right to draw a third card at European baccarat, which is not permitted in other popular variations. Also, one peculiarity of this game is the “Punto Banco” notion, which does not appear in the game played in North America. Literally, “punto” means “point” and “banco” means “bank” in English.

Chemin de fer

Another great variation of the traditional game is the chemin de fer, which is mostly offered in French casinos. Though the goal of the game is still to get a winning hand as close to 9 as possible, the chemin de fer has a very specific feature regarding the dealer. Indeed, in the french version of baccarat, the casino cannot play the part of the banker, which underpins that the players must be one or the other. At chemin de fer, the players wager among themselves and each participant waits his turn before playing the role of the banker . While in American baccarat the players compete against the House, in chemin de fer the casino is not involved with the betting whatsoever.

Baccarat en banque

Baccarat en Banque is another French variation that you may find in a few land-based and online European casinos. Once again, the objective of this game is to obtain a hand with a total value of 9 points. However, there are lots of differences between baccarat en Banque and American baccarat. Contrary to the chemin de fer, no one can play the role of the banker apart from the house. However, in some exotic variations of the baccarat en Banque, this rule can be no more relevant. Oddly enough, at the end of each round, the player who has won the most money is declared the banker though the whole players may alternate to become the banker at least once. Yet, since the casino is most of the time the banker, bets may be much larger than in any other variation!