Baccarat Glossary of Terms

Baccarat glossary Baccarat glossary

You shouldn’t feel shame when encountering a word you do not understand relative to baccarat. After all, many of the terms used in this game are either French, Spanish or Italian. Our glossary of terms will be a precious tool for those of you who are not familiar with online baccarat yet.


The sum of money a player wagers during a game round.


Italian way to say baccarat.


Extracted from the Spanish language, banco is a byword for banker. The Banker or dealer is the one dealing the hands and financing the action.


The total amount of money the players possesses during the game.


Name of the dominant variation of baccarat played in North America.

Burn Card

A specific card removed from the deck at the end of each shuffle.

Chemin de Fer

Name used to describe the French version of baccarat.


In French, coup refers to a baccarat round.


In French, croupier means dealer or banker.


Action of seperating the deck in two once the cards being shuffled by the banker.


Action of distributing the cards.


Used to describe a statistical advantage, usually in favour of the house over the players.

Face Card

Face cards are cards possessing a character such as Jacks, Queens and Kings.

Flat Bet

Phrase used to describe one unique type of bet which is placed over and over without any change.


Term used to describe the house or casino.

House Advantage

Also called House Edge. Refers to the statistical advantage the casino benefits over the players.

Le Grande

Translation of Natural in French.


A version of American baccarat using a smaller table, about the size of a blackjack table.


An 8 or a 9 that is dealt in the first two cards.


A specific tool which is employed in order to move the cards on the game table.


Both Spanish and Italian translation for point.


A device that holds the cards that are going to be played.

Shuffle Up

A term employed to describe the action of a banker who is trying to harass card counters.


A tie.

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